Monday, May 25, 2020

Slave No More

Hi Fans and Friends,

On this solemn Memorial Day, I want us all to reflect on the brave sacrifice
those men and women died for: OUR FREEDOM

Our freedom to move, live, to breathe, and pursue happiness, to pursue our dreams.

What would they say, if they could, when seeing
what we're doing with it, especially now in this lock-down state?

If it were me, I'd be spitting mad!
To roll over and ALLOW government to strip us of our rights.

To be honest, it's not our fault. Instead of being taught our rights via the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, etc. we've been watching TV and entertaining ourselves into oblivion.

So my new platform is WAKING everyone up!
I can no longer keep quiet. 
I've swallowed the red pill. 
It's not an easy pill to swallow... truth isn't. 
I'm glad I did.

What's the red pill? 

That is a deep question.

In a nutshell, it's becoming aware of the deception of what, we as Americans, and the world have been fed for a long LONG time. 

People (Black Hats) are strategically groomed/placed within places of power, while blackmailing or eliminating threats who could expose what they're doing, with a one world government agenda.

I always knew things weren't as they seemed, and knew politicians were corrupt, thirsty for power. But not to this degree.

My awakening started April 12th with the Out Of Shadows documentary.

And then I watched the 10-part series, THE GREAT AWAKENING

Along with COVID-19

Here's a trailer for PLANDEMIC
Watch this full video here PLANDEMIC as well

My eyes were OPEN open.

For the first time, I had hope.

I learned about Q

Who is Q?

Qanon is a group of persons who post on an imageboard 4chan (later 8kun) website, the first post being 28 October 2017. The collective group of person's is unknown, but whoever they are, they have close contact with the president.

The patriots who follow Q all believe there's a secret plot to by the "Deep State"against the American people (and the world), and they would have been successful too, if President Trump wasn't in their way.

There's so much to cover on this, I have to break it up into posts, but the Q drops are a way to give Patriots information that's not tainted by Main Stream Media [MSM] which is controlled by the Deep State. 

Those who want to follow the posts/drops outside of the 8kun site do so on Qposts or Qmap.

Together, we form a digital army of soldiers and our end goal is The Great Awakening.

Our motto, where we go 1 we go all! #wwg1wga

This whole covid-19 outbreak/quarantine has been a plan by the Deep State to ruin America and shove the blame on President Trump so he wouldn't get reelected. It's not working. It's backfiring, actually. America is still suffering and needs to reopen.

We need you! We need more patriots to join the fight!

You can start by registering and

Stay tuned for more posts how!

God speed Patriots. My hope is you'll become a FREEDOM FIGHTER too!