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SWITCH, Book 2 is now LIVE!

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Genre: Time travel Dystopian

What if everything you knew was a lie?

Forty-five years ago, the government unleashed a deadly virus. Those who were wealthy and wanted were given a vaccine. The rest died. Everyone was told the virus created zombies. It was all a hoax. 

Twenty-two years ago, a small group of blue-eyed people saw the government for what it was and escaped Brighton to save their lives. 

Eighteen years ago, my future-self switched me at birth. A month ago, my future-self had my future-husband kidnap me. 

Two weeks ago, I time traveled for the first time. 

A week ago, I accidentally brought back the zombie virus. 

Yesterday, my future-husband was infected. 

Today, if I don’t find the cure, I’ll lose him and all hope for humanity forever. 

 ** INCLUDES previously published episodes 1&2 plus NEW and REVISED content! 

*** WARNING: Very fast paced action-filled story with a complicated plot. Don't purchase if you value sleep in any way, or your sanity. You've been warned.



*pets cover*

What do you think? I'm tickled pink over the new covers of Glitch and Switch. Kelsey, from K. Keeton Photograph, and Sarah Hansen of Okay Creations are amazballs! No seriously!

For the RERELEASE, not only do you get something GORGEOUS to look at, there's NEW and LENGTHENED content!! 

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His illegal slip of paper is about to shatter her perfect world. 

Welcome to Brighton, where there is no crime, everyone knows the date of their death, and the people live in fear of what's on the other side of the wall. 

Abigail has everything one could want--promise of a long life, potential for love, flawless genes and an amazing best friend. She's perfectly content until her dreams are crushed after seeing a glimpse into her future. One person warned her not to find out, the only person she's ever seen with blue-eyes: a handsome stranger who handed her an illegal slip of paper. Does she dare leave the wall and enter the zombie zone to find him and demand answers? 

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is now LIVE!

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Are you ready for the thrilling finale of Maddy and Logan's story?

Maddy’s dreams of becoming a counselor have finally come true. She’d be happy to celebrate, if she wasn’t haunted by nightmares of the attack. Her encounter with Logan left her breathless and unsure, but with Kat out of the picture, Maddy has one week to find out if what they shared was real, or just a poor reaction to a life threatening situation.

Tensions run high while police look for Maddy’s attacker, and Maddy begins to believe she can’t keep it together. But once everything she holds dear is threatened, Maddy must sacrifice her secrets in order to reveal the truth. Will it be in time? Will that be good enough?

Find out in the EXPLOSIVE series finale of TRULY MADLY DEEPLY!

Secrets. Lies. A summer they'll never forget.

Excerpt #2 (See excerpt #1 here)

We head to the cabin when the last of Syd’s girls check in. They unload their stuff and take the top bunks, while I’m happy to sleep on the bottom. I’m supposed to do an icebreaker exercise, but since the girls already know each other, we skip it, and head to the craft room to make beaded lanyards for their keys.

“So,” Kara asks me as she collects only pink beads. “What happened when you were attacked?”

I suck in a startled breath. The tube of clear beads I’m holding skitters across the table, spilling everywhere. 
I hadn’t looked at the paper to know what I’m supposed to say.

Syd stiffens. “Oh, the news loves to exaggerate. Doesn’t it, Maddy? The guy didn’t really do anything and Maddy got away.” Syd helps me clean up. “He’d be stupid to come around now with the security guards. Right?”

“But the article said you were the snack shack coordinator,” Kara says.

“Yeah,” I say quickly. “But I’m a counselor, too.”

“We all have dual jobs,” Syd interrupts.

I force a smile. “Like Syd said, nothing happened. It wasn’t even on the grounds. We’re perfectly safe.”

Syd hands me the empty tube. “We just need to stick together, that’s all.”

The girls let out a collective sigh, all but Holly.

“It’s just spooky,” says Holly. “You know?”

Bridge leans in. “It’s like all the camp horror movies where there’s a knife wielding serial killer—”

My eyes widen.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Syd says. “Look. There are bad people in the world, yes, but they’re going to find this guy, you’ll see. Don’t let it ruin your week.”

The girls nod and the subject changes, but I can’t help but think we’re making promises we can’t keep. I’m totally in over my head.

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The arguing outside wakes me and I take a moment to figure things out before my eyes slowly open. Somehow I’d ended up on the couch in my cabin and fell asleep sitting upright. I run my tongue over my teeth. My mouth tastes like something crawled inside and died. I try not to think about it and strain harder to listen.

“I can’t believe you stayed here the whole night.”

My heart thumps hard at the sound of Kat’s angered voice outside.

“I couldn’t leave her alone. She needed me,” Logan says.

“I need you!”

“You weren’t the one who was attacked.”

“Oh, so I have to be attacked to get some attention?” she huffs.

“Kat, this isn’t fair.”

I lean over to get closer to the door. My head spins and I shift upright. I need Advil, a tall glass of water, and coffee, stat.

“What isn’t fair is how you look at her,” she says.

My empty stomach jolts. Apparently I’m not the only one who’s noticed that.

“This isn’t about that. And you know we’re just friends.”

Friends… who kiss. Oh, crap.

Everything comes back to me in a hot rush, and I reach for my phone in my pocket. My hand skims over the top of my thigh. My jeans aren’t on my body. Instead, they’re crumpled up in a ball on the floor. The shirt I’m wearing isn’t the one I had on yesterday, either. My cheeks heat. What happened last night?

The clock above the mantel reads that it’s half past noon. I blow out a breath and lean against the couch back. The kids will be gone by now, so I need to clean up and take a shower. There’s a lot to do before my campers come Sunday afternoon. My upset stomach, though, doesn’t want me to go anywhere.
Kat and Logan continue their terse conversation, but it sounds further away. I strain harder to hear, making my head pound. Then it’s quiet. Did they leave?

I struggle to stand and escape to the bathroom. The world sways and the blanket falls to my feet. I stave off the urge to heave, and slowly sit back down and cover myself. Did Logan take off my clothes? Did I?
The fog-induced nightmare slowly reveals itself. After the adrenaline had evaporated, the alcohol kicked in, and I was a hot mess. Then there was puking and crying and… oh good Lord, a memory of him taking my cheeks between his palms and asking me why I’d put myself in danger zings through me. I blurted out something about seeing him kissing Kat, or maybe I said the cheater had her tongue down his throat. Whatever I said, I can’t remember. My freaking mouth just needs to be sewn shut.

Someone steps onto the porch and approaches the door. My heart zooms in response. My eyes slide shut just as the door opens softly, carrying Logan’s scent on the breeze. He sighs softly before shutting it, and I melt into the cushions, mortified. He’s watching me and I know he has to be disgusted. I hear him move about the room, then stop before me. I don’t dare open my eyes so I  try to relax, but my heart pounds so hard I’m shaking.

“What am I going to do with you?” he says quietly before he leaves.

Once he’s gone, I let out the breath I’m holding.

Available JULY 2ND
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is now LIVE!

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What if your soul mate was taken?

When Kat shows up to fill in as a counselor for a week, Maddy’s actress skills are put to the test. Maybe things would be bearable if Logan wasn’t ignoring her as well. But it’s apparently Logan’s distance means he feels something for her, but there’s no chance of finding out what with Little Miss Perfect hanging around. That’s until Maddy uncovers a secret. A secret so huge, Logan could become hers. Only problem is, if Maddy tells him, he’ll think she’s in it for her own selfish reasons. But left to chance, he might not find out until it’s too late.

Secrets. Lies. Summer Camp

Excerpt #2 (See excerpt #1 here)
Once I get to my room, Sophie and Jordan are hanging out on her bed, listening to music and reading my magazines.

“Hey,” I say.

They look up and give me fake smiles. Neither appears like they’ll be leaving anytime soon.

I shrug and leave defeated, resigned to sleep in my car if I have to. Logan is standing on the porch with our book in his hand.

“I, uh… was hoping you’d want to read.”

I smile, ready to accept when Joe’s warning comes to mind. “I’d love to, but I’m so tired. I was going to go to my car and sleep.”

“Your car?”

“The wonder twins have taken over my room.”

“Oh, right.” He looks upward to my window. “Why don’t you sleep at my place?”

I blink at him for a moment. “Are you serious?”

“What? It’s decent, I promise.”

“No, it’s not that.” I stare at his dimples for a moment, confused at how friendly he’s being. I want to trust him, but I’m afraid he’ll get scared and ditch me again. “Who took Logan and left you?”

He smirks. “Oh, come on.”

I give him a helpless look.

“Okay, okay. I deserved that. Quit the third degree.” He pulls my hand and drags me forward. “You look like you’re about to fall over.”

Within minutes, I’m curled up in his bed, enveloped by his scent on his sheets and pillow. My secret wish is that we can fast forward everything so he’s free to slide in next to me.

“You good?” he asks in a husky voice.

“Yeah,” no. Why don’t I have the balls to just ask for what I want?

‘Cause he’ll just hurt you again’, I hear my protective voice say.

I close my eyes and anticipate the door to close. Instead, I hear him settle in. Pages of the book turn every so often. Is he reading? Knowing his eyes might be on me, I can’t settle down, yet I can’t look either.

Wrought with curiosity, I peek through my eyelashes. He’s sitting on the floor next to the bed, his back to me. Then the guilt pours in. I need to tell him. I should tell him. I’d want to know. But I don’t, I can’t. 

I just pretend to be asleep, and listen to the pages turn, wishing and praying that somehow the truth will come out, and that he’ll eventually be mine.


SWITCH, Episode 2.2
is now LIVE!

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Forty-five years ago, the government unleashed a deadly virus. Those who were wealthy and wanted were given a vaccine. The rest died. Everyone was told the virus created zombies. It was all a hoax.

Twenty-two years ago, a small group of blue-eyed people saw the government for what it was and escaped Brighton to save their lives.

Eighteen years ago, my future-self switched me at birth.

A month ago, my future-self had my future-husband kidnap me.

Two weeks ago, I time traveled for the first time.

A week ago, I accidentally brought back the zombie virus.

Yesterday, my future-husband was infected.

Today, if I don’t find the cure, I’ll lose him and all hope for humanity.

Excerpt from Chapter Five:

The doors slid open, and Dad turned from his equipment and removed his glasses. He dismissed my guide, and then smiled at me. “You look lovely.”

I blew out a breath, relieved to see him working on the blood sample. On the adjoining counter, the contents of my backpack were strewn about, including the box of condoms. My cheeks burned.
“I can explain those.”

Dad’s shoulders slumped. “Abby. I’m concerned.”

“I’m not sleeping with him. I… it was just in there by mistake.” I crossed the room and stuffed them back into the bag. “I promise.”

He frowned. “You were running away with him, weren’t you?”

“No, Dad.” How did I explain the vastness of this problem, that it had nothing to do with a boy, but over being blackmailed and threatened? “I was running for my life.”

“What? No one here is out to get you.”

“Dad, we can talk about that later. You have to work on the cure. I need it, like… today.”

He walked closer and pushed my hair behind my ear. “I know you feel responsible, pumpkin, but you don’t have to anymore.”

I bit my lip, my thoughts interrupted by the soft swish of a brush outside of Dad’s door. This whole time I’d trusted that my dad would be on my side, especially if he saw the EA’s deception. Even still, Kaden’s life was in my hands, and I had to help Dad see that.

“It is my responsibility.”

Dad’s face hardened, as if he read my thoughts. “Kaden is dangerous, Abby.” His voice shifted to a darker tone. “If he’s infected, so be it.”

My voice caught as if the air had been knocked from my lungs. “Kaden was defending himself against a man who threatened to kill me, and our son.”

Dad pulled his head back in shock, then quickly recovered.

“He shot and killed an unarmed man.” Dad gestured to the door. “Did you not see the blood on the floor?”
My stomach clenched as I imagined the scene. But Dad had no idea who the true criminal was. “I know you can’t see why I’d care for someone who’d do that. Declan—”

“The Vice President, you mean.” His voice was icy again.

“The Vice President.” I swallowed down the disdain rising in my throat, sensing that my explanation wasn’t decreasing the tension growing between us. “Kaden did that because he’s been blackmailing us and my future selves since the beginning of Brighton to secure his power, to the point my Compliment had no choice but to switch me at birth. The zombie virus is here because of him.”

Dad blinked at me for a moment, speechless, his eyebrows pulled tightly together. Goosebumps broke out on my skin. Was I finally getting through? He had to see we were on the same side.

“That’s quite an accusation.” He shook his head. “I don’t even know who you are anymore.”

My mouth gaped open, and I quickly shut it. A tear trickled down my cheek. How could he believe a man who came from a future timeline, a stranger, over me? “Dad, I’m not lying.”

“Declan came here from the future to save us from this outbreak, Abby. There was nothing deceitful about it.”

“Nothing deceitful? He forced my Compliment to take Kaden and my son here from the future, and threatened their lives if I didn’t cooperate. Does that sound like the actions of someone who doesn’t want to exploit my power?”

“That’s not what he told me.”

“So you think I’m lying to you?”

His eyes narrowed. “No. I think your infatuation over that boy has made it so you can’t see the truth. Even still, he didn’t deserve to be murdered in cold blood.” Dad swallowed as a tear glistened in his eye.
Kaden was right. My father did refuse to see. Then the rotting corpse of the Vice President, locked in his office, came to mind. If Dad wouldn’t make a cure for Kaden, maybe he’d make one for his zombie friend.

“He’s not quite dead,” I said quietly.

“What do you mean?”

“I have someone you could test the cure on. We have to go to his office.”

“What are you talking about?” His brow creased.

“The Vice President is in there,” along with the diary, which could also give clues to a cure.

“No, Abigail. It’s time to stop this. I’m taking you home.” He took my hand.

“No.” I pulled away from him. “As the Oracle, I have a responsibility to my people.”

He covered his DOD watch, then leaned forward. His gaze darted to my wrists. “Don’t ever admit that,” he whispered. “Ever.”

“What? Why?”

His nostrils flared. “If people found out, they’d mob you for information. You wouldn’t be able to live here anymore, not in public with your family.”

I looked into the eyes of the only man I’d ever known to be my father. My eyes lost focus for a minute. Who was I kidding? I couldn’t play it safe and pretend I belonged. “It’s too late. I can’t stay here in Brighton with you and Mom anymore anyway. We need to get out while we still can.”

“That’s crazy talk. Just tell people you were doing it for attention. Please… for me and your mother…” His eyes bore into mine, pleading. “You may not be ours by blood, but we love you like you are.”

I closed my eyes, wanting with all my might to say yes to his request. But I knew I couldn’t. Kaden needed a cure.

“Our perfect world is collapsing. It’s over, Dad.” I pointed to his watch. “And that is just a tool to control you. Why are you still wearing it?”

He yanked his head backward. “This is the only thing keeping our world from collapsing. With it, we’ve been able to find and stop the… undead.” He released his grip of his DOD watch. “Wasn’t there one with your clothes?”

I stared at the glowing blue numbers that ticked downward to a date in the future thirty years from now. I’d been such a slave to mine in the past. Living without it had released me from fear, and given me confidence. “I bet that it’s not even tied to your future. Even if I put one on, I’m a Glitch, remember? My DOD has been nothing but a lie. I bet everyone’s is.”

Dad placed his hand on my arm to console me. “You can’t lose hope.”

A vision of my dad ripped through my head, of his younger self covered in blood and laying dead on the ground in his lab coat. I screamed, and pulled away.


My body trembled as the vision faded.

“What’s wrong?”

My lips moved, but nothing came out for a few seconds. “You… dead,” I finally said.

“Abby, you’ve been traumatized by all of this. We need to get you home.”

I moved backward, forced to make an impossible choice. If that was the future, then Jeff was about to die. I had to find him now. “If you won’t find a cure, then I’ll have to ask a Jeff who will.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“My father from the past.”

Dad’s jaw hardened. “He’s not your father.”

“You’re not the father I thought you were either.”

He latched onto my arm. “Enough of this. We’re going.”

“No, Dad. I can’t. I’m sorry.”

I couldn’t watch him grasp at our old way of life any longer. Kaden needed a cure. Everyone did.

I pulled myself free, and closed my eyes, willing the familiar weightlessness to overtake me, the one that happened only during time travel.

At the pop, I opened my eyes and found myself surrounded by darkness.