Monday, March 15, 2010

My publisher, Obsidian Mountain Publishing

I'm knee deep in edits without anymore chocolate in the house, but seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I think I will finally be finished with THE EMERALD TALISMAN tonight (If I stop surfing facebook and writing blog posts). Of course, I'm laughing at myself because honestly, will I ever be done? I am anxious to continue on with the next book, but alas, the first one hasn't let me go quite yet.

With each read, I see areas I can clarify, improve, embellish, correct. It's becoming an addiction. But, I must finish this. So, my promise to you is to have pre-sale ordering available the end of this week. I'm stoked about that. The copy will be signed personally via my webcam/book signing extravaganza party (if you attend), date and time to be announced. The date will all depend on the book delivery. For my international friends, do not despair. I believe shipping will only be around $11.

It's exciting to partner with Obsidian Mountain Publishing. Together we are going to rock the world of vampire fiction. I'm excited!


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