Monday, April 5, 2010

Friday's webinar, chocolate explosions and the slogan contest

I think we got more chocolate Sunday than Halloween and there's still more I didn't get in the photo. I'm not complaining. I <3 chocolate big time. And it's going to come in handy April 27th while I wait for the contest results. But I wish there weren't as many calories attached to the tender morsels.

Friday night's book kick-off webinar was a success (mostly). I was bummed though to find out some peeps wanted to attend but didn't get their confirmation email. The next time, I think I'm going to remind people earlier and make sure people get their confirmations. It's hard to do tech support and run the webinar at the same time. Though my son was watching on his own webcam and entertaining the guests while I fumbled in the background. He made great 1/2 time entertainment.

Abra, author of Feather Series and upcoming Knights Angels came for the festivities and was a wonderful guest speaker. We also had a drawing for a signed book which Joanne was the recipient. 

We also announced the slogan contest going on from now until May 15th. I'm asking for people to come up with one liners that represent The Emerald Talisman. The winner gets their slogan printed on a shirt or book bag! There's no limit to entries! Click here to enter. You might even get some chocolate too!

Thanks for making my dreams come true!

Hugs, Brenda

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