Thursday, April 8, 2010

Manic Thursday ?

Yes. It's like the Monday that won't end. It's really silly I'm so worked up over this ABNA contest, but it's stressful. The last time I had to wait for something similar was when my husband and I were dating. We were 5 hours apart, so time between the weekends was grueling for those 15 months when one of us would drive to the other person. It felt like our wedding day would never come and now, it's 8 years with two beautiful kids later. So, I can wait 19 days, right? *bites nails*

Need a distraction. DISTRACTION.

While I wait, I write. I have 6,700 words so far of book 2. A far cry from the projected 84,000 or so  but we all have to start somewhere. Many of you who have finish The Emerald Talisman are wanting the sequel and I'm going to deliver, contest or no contest! Ugh. I need a time travel thingie where I can just see the outcome.

I remember with my second son, we really wanted a girl (well I did) and I did the ring test early. It didn't go in a circle, but clearly back and forth predicting a boy. So from that point on, I knew it would be a boy. I got the early hint. So at the ultrasound, I wasn't surprised, though I love surprises. Well, good surprises. So, I'd just like to skip ahead a few pages and see the results because I hate disappointment, though I know I'll survive. Success is a journey right? There will be plenty of other opportunities.

*sigh* I'm a mess. Please forgive me. So far I've received a ton of wonderful comments on my facebook and I'm so grateful and thankful. You all love my book even if Publisher Weekly might not.

I truely <3 my fans! You've made my dream come true.

Hugs, Brenda

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