Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a refreshing journey

Remember in Shrek 2 when Fiona and Shrek meet the parent's? And they all say "This is it"? Well. This is it. After 5 weeks of waiting, today is the day... I find out whether book baby goes from the 250 to 50.

So, it's refreshing in two ways. One, the contestants find out sometime today on the website (refresh) who's the top 50 from 250 and two, all the wonderful positive feedback I've received from readers.

This journey has been a fantastical one! From the first imagining of the 'falling scene' to the name picking, character creating, situation brainstorming and birthing it all in one of my most favorite places in the world, Santa Cruz. Then, having Dee Dee read with so much enthusiasm, I had to finish the book. To Dori and I finding each other on Authonomy and her wonderful kind editing offer. I'm in the ABNA contest because of her sacrific and help. To Nate, for daring to dream and just do it with Sherwood! To my PSP gals, who taught me the ability to do graphic design. To the design team at church who taught me how to make things for print. To Lori, who proof read my final copy. To Abra, who showed me the world is at my fingertips and we can break the mold and be our own system of promotion! And then the many friends sprinkled in the mix who have or are reading the book, and holding my hand today. I love you and you lift me up so I can fly! But, God must receive the glory for this. He gave me the talent and I'm using it to inspire young girls to decide to make good and healthy choices through fantasy fiction.

So.... *refresh*.... come what may today, I'm ready for either outcome because I'm already a winner in the hearts and minds of so many.

Thanks for helping my dreams come true!

Hugs always,

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  1. Beautiful post! Yes you are a winner! How many people can say that they wrote a book? A lot of us wish we have the talent to accomplish such a task. Keep working girl I can’t wait to know more about Julia and Nicholas.



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