Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost is over... sniff

So, last night I spent way too much time watching the season finale of LOST (4 hours). I've been a faithful follower since the first episode and can't believe it's over. Carlton and Damon, the writers, are amazing. Their storytelling taught me a simple thing -- don't tell the viewer (reader) everything and keep the truth simple. Honestly, it's so much less complicated than I thought, but I was trying so hard to look deeply into everything.

When people ask how I had time to write a novel, run a design business, care for two preschool kids (one with special needs), be a mom and wife, I tell them it's because I don't watch TV. LOST was my one guilty pleasure. I have no clue what I'll replace it with. It was absolutely brilliant and fed my need for suspense, love, mystery and just plain problem solving. (I love a good puzzle). I will miss you LOST.

But, though I loved the end, I feel still a little cheated. I have questions left unanswered! What the heck was the energy good for anyway? Why were the pregnant ladies losing their babies at 5 months? Who's idea was it to build the special hatch in S.F that had that cool hanging thing that marked stars with the chalk on the map? Why did anyone want the island so badly anyway? What did it offer them? And why the big plug in the ground? Is it to keep out evil from overtaking and corrupting the earth? But they were pretty evil to each other on their own, even the "good guys" were murdering people. Who and where did one-eye invincible guy go? Did he blow up with the grenade? And what's with the ashes? I know if I watched the whole thing over... all 130+ hours of it, I'd figure it all out, but you want a sequel, so.... maybe I'll take another 6 years and watch an episode every week. But if someone knows, please.... TELL ME!

Any LOSTIES with me on this???

Hugs, Brenda

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