Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Reviews are in....

After waiting on pins and needles, the reviews are coming in.... and they are great! * happy dance*

It's not an easy thing to send your babies out into the world and cross your fingers and toes that it will be received well, but I no longer need to worry!

Thank you ladies for taking the time to read and review!

So without further ado.... here's what they say. *WARNING -- SPOILERS*

If sometime you literally asked yourself how would be the life of a possible vampire hunter who has no idea this beings exist and the help of "one of them" to train her, The Emerald Talisman main character could be a good example. The Emerald Talisman narrates the story of Julia, a simple girl with a singular talent. Julia's life goes out normally until one night when she is attacked by X creature and handsome Nicholas saves her life. This is where our main character's eye opener to a world surrounded by supernatural forces and even her mother's disappearance will be one of the puzzle's pieces. There's two aspects I've really liked from the story. One is that in the story, vampires are more of a force than a constant. Second, the singular characteristics that Pandos grants her vampires are interesting and could define it as a crossover between Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Twilight. My favorite part is ENIGMA's appearance since it gives the story another supernatural touch and separates it from other story's comparisons. The title has an important meaning and role in the story. The end is satisfactory and leaves the possibility for more Julia and Nicholas adventures. The question would be "Would we see story sidekicks?". I hope we do. The Emerald Talisman is a new promising story for a new vampire saga.

The Emerald Talisman was an enchanting, stimulating, and eloquently written book. Brenda introduced a promising vampire series that would interest fans of Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. Julia, the female protagonist was quirky yet endearing. Her ability to feel emotions from others curiously drew my attention. The story opened up with Julia's car breaking down. Now, instead of taking the safe walk to her home, she decides to naively take a short cut through the woods. The suspense and fear through the woods was perfectly executed. I felt every emotion Julia experienced. There, she was pursued by a dark entity whose hunger was overwhelming. Fortunately, for her sake, Nicholas, the infamous vampire slayer, showed up. I really liked his personality and the aspect of him being half vampire and half human was refreshing. The only part that annoyed me about Julia was how her feelings for Nicholas escalated quickly. I didn't feel it was realistic and Nicholas was not yet swoon worthy for me to understand.

Throughout the book, she was easily persuaded by prey and I wish she'd use her intelligence to fluctuate her decisions. But, Julia does show signs of strength, especially towards the end. I have a feeling she will grow into a very important figure as the saga progresses. Nicholas and his determination to keep her safe was admirable. His voice of reason balanced her lack of better judgment. Another part of the book I enjoyed was the mystery behind Julia's mother's disappearance. As it slowly unraveled, I became more involved and yearned to learn more about the situation. I look forward to the sequel, which I am sure will reveal the key to all my questions. I am excited to see where Brenda will take Nicholas and Julia's relationship and also all the creatures of the night that will get thrown in their way!

This book was a great book for anyone in love with vampires. There's a lot of action, and that's what I liked most. Though fast paced, it's also a leisure story. The beginning alone is captivating, from there it's all uphill. The excitement I felt in the first few moments of this book carries throughout. Her characters are well developed and concise, emitting a feeling of true connection to the author herself. She speaks with knowledge toward the fleeting emotions of a sixteen year old, and the sudden romance we all once had.  Great for a Sunday afternoon spent reading! (Just don't read it too late at night!)


Thanks ladies!!!

Hugs, Brenda 

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