Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

Well, things are progressing nicely with the sequel of The Emerald Talisman, though I'm stuck what to name the book. We do have a cover in mind so that's exciting! So, for Tuesday Teasers, I thought you'd enjoy a little excerpt. 

(This is an unedited excerpt, but it'll give you an idea of what's to come!) © brenda pandos 2010

Within two seconds Nicholas' reply text came back.

- Congrats. Leaving soon?
- Yes. 30 mins
- Great. Sleep tight. 3.

I bit my lip to stop the huge grin from forming upon my lips. Sleep tight didn’t mean good night; it was code for us to meet outside my bedroom window on the roof ledge later, something we did almost every night and the 3 represented I love you. Since I suspected my dad frequently checked my text messages online, we’d resorted to code.

I read his messages several times before deleting them – another precaution I decided to do after the last attack. If another vampire ever stole my phone again, they’d never know who I consorted with.

I rested my head on back of the seat during the drive home. Dad and Luke wordlessly sat in the front, all of us exuding a tired peace. I held the talisman that hung around my neck anxious to get home for my good-night kiss. Our nightly rendezvous was risky, but I usually could feel if someone was close enough to catch us.

Dad parked in the garage, and I feigned needing something out of my car so I could see if he arrived yet. The crisp night air refreshed my tired senses, as I walked across the dewy grass. Once I rounded the corner, I felt a tiny bit disappointed when I discovered he hadn’t. Before I could wonder what might be taking him so long, my phone vibrated with another text.

-Give me 20. 3

I grinned as my heart beat a little faster, knowing the wait was only 20 minutes more. Maybe he had a surprise for me.

Just before I opened the front door to go inside, I noticed movement in the shrubs next to the porch swing. I knew it had to be an animal, since I couldn’t sense any human emotion.

“Aladdin, is that you?” I whispered.

I squinted to see evidence of our tuxedo cat, Aladdin, when another cat appeared – pure black with icy blue eyes. One I knew. One that wasn’t really a cat.

I froze.

“She’s back.” I heard clearly in my mind.

So, for those of you who have read the first book, this might tempt your taste buds for what's to come! For those of you who haven't, what are you waiting for? Pick it up on Amazon today, or enter to win on GOODREADS or at Once Upon a Twilight Blog.

Let me know what you think below!

Hugs, Brenda

Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Friday

And what a day it's been, though at 2am, I wasn't so happy. My littlest, who's almost 2, decided to have a hiatus from sleeping and demand a bottle. I gave in a 5am. We've been doing sleep training for 3 weeks and last night I attempted to sleep in my own bed after he'd had a few cry-less nights. Murphy's law struck again.

On a good note, I got another 4 star review from Yara at Once Upon a Twilight. She's also doing a book and bookmark give-away starting tomorrow (signing up) if you haven't gotten a copy yet. I'm also giving away a copy on my goodreads here. So spread the love, and tell your friends. At 50 blog members, I'll do another give-away, INTERNATIONALLY! *grins*

So, to tempt your tummy for book 2 of The Emerald Talisman Saga, here's an excerpt.

I sighed; annoyed at the fact they’d kidnapped me without telling me what they wanted. From nowhere, courage surged through my veins. “Alora, why are you keeping me? What do you want?”
Suddenly, Alora was in my face and the talisman froze against my skin. “No one addresses me without my title,” she seethed, her honey breath wafting gently across my face. “I’ll be patient since you don’t know the rules. Next time, I won’t be so inclined.”
Her hand hovered at my neck, just over the medallion, the continued iciness giving me chills. I willed her to try and touch me, wanting her hand to burn. That type of pain would take the sass out of her evil smirk and put her in her place.


Ps. I picked this pic at a tribute to my new obsession, farmville on facebook.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Short life of Bree Tanner review

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella (Twilight Saga)Man, I've missed reading Stephenie's work. This book did not disappoint. Though parts of Bree's inner dialog were a little lengthy, did enjoy the vivid display of the environment, short romance with Diego and just the whole creation of the army. I also became attached to Bree even though I knew she wouldn't survive (and Diego too). Now I want to reread Eclipse. Funny thing though, I don't imagine Edward as a redhead, so that threw me a bit when Bree was referring to the nameless people. (You'll have to read it to understand what I mean).

Stephenie always gets my creative juices flowing and I love that she has all the details so neatly ironed out. I'm excited to see the movie and hope it'll do the books better justice than the first two, maybe adding in a few of these missing pieces.

Cool thing is, you can read it for free until July 7th or, if you're a true twihard, you can pick it up. It's a quick read that answers alot of lingering questions, just read Eclipse first, or it'll spoil it all for you.

Thanks Stephenie for offering it to your fans!

Hugs, Brenda