Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Friday

And what a day it's been, though at 2am, I wasn't so happy. My littlest, who's almost 2, decided to have a hiatus from sleeping and demand a bottle. I gave in a 5am. We've been doing sleep training for 3 weeks and last night I attempted to sleep in my own bed after he'd had a few cry-less nights. Murphy's law struck again.

On a good note, I got another 4 star review from Yara at Once Upon a Twilight. She's also doing a book and bookmark give-away starting tomorrow (signing up) if you haven't gotten a copy yet. I'm also giving away a copy on my goodreads here. So spread the love, and tell your friends. At 50 blog members, I'll do another give-away, INTERNATIONALLY! *grins*

So, to tempt your tummy for book 2 of The Emerald Talisman Saga, here's an excerpt.

I sighed; annoyed at the fact they’d kidnapped me without telling me what they wanted. From nowhere, courage surged through my veins. “Alora, why are you keeping me? What do you want?”
Suddenly, Alora was in my face and the talisman froze against my skin. “No one addresses me without my title,” she seethed, her honey breath wafting gently across my face. “I’ll be patient since you don’t know the rules. Next time, I won’t be so inclined.”
Her hand hovered at my neck, just over the medallion, the continued iciness giving me chills. I willed her to try and touch me, wanting her hand to burn. That type of pain would take the sass out of her evil smirk and put her in her place.


Ps. I picked this pic at a tribute to my new obsession, farmville on facebook.


  1. LOL I wondered about that picture! (If you need neighbors ...)

    Anyway, when is Book 2 gonna be available? I cannot WAIT for it!

  2. Hi Heather! If all goes as planned, Dec 2010 it should be available. :) Are we FB friends? Add me and we can be neighbors.

  3. December, huh? I think I'll be asking the hubby for a book for my b-day! ;-)

    I'll go add you on FB now. You can never have too many neighbors! ;-)


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