Thursday, August 12, 2010

Talisman's are Here!

Well, they are almost here. This is the mock-up necklace. 
If there's enough interest, we'll have them made for purchase. 
It was hard to find a true trillion cut stone, so these are a 
tiny bit rounded, but I still love them all the same.
So, I'm so thrilled. Didn't they turn out awesome?

I wanted to get feedback for anyone interested in getting
their own vampire protecting talisman. They'll be
$14 plus $2.50 for shipping. My designer needs
to order the stones so there's enough in stock.

If you click on the picture, you can get a closer view.

For Christmas, there will be a box set, necklace and book.
Also, for the sequel, there will be a BLUE talisman to
match the book as well. Please leave me a comment
and reserve your necklace today! I'll be setting up
a place to order them in the next few days. 
First come first serve.

Hugs, Brenda
PS. This is MY talisman...hehe


  1. Hi Brenda! I would like to reserve a green talisman and a blue one.

  2. WOOOOOOOOOWW! Awesome! i would like to reserve one necklace now, but i have to ask to my mom first :/
    Congratulations, it is really cute!

  3. OOH MY GOSH Brenda! they look BEAUTIFUL! I especially love yours lol...they're so pretty! I'm def gonna get one in blue too haha :)

  4. Please reserve me a blue and green one. They are AWESOME!! I really like yours. What made you change it?
    Love and miss you :)


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