Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scary Story

For the Haunted Halloween event with Jessica at Confessions of a Bookaholic, I was asked to guest blog a scary story. So this is what I picked. Enjoy!
My Scary Story 
by Brenda Pandos

My overactive imagination creates interesting drama in my life, especially when I sleep. For instance, I still can’t swim alone, even in a pool, thanks to Jaws. And, for a long time, I couldn’t go potty without looking down into the bowl to check for critters. So, I avoid horror and scary things at all costs. But my imagination is very helpful with my creative writing, so I can’t go wrong there.

I’ve always been an active dreamer, talking nightly in my sleep. Many times, it’s just an endless puzzle I’m trying to solve, salt and peppered with visions of the daily events that makes so much sense when I’m half awake, but slips away once I become lucid.

So, when my husband and I were first married, I seemed to be more active than usual. I’d freak him out, frequently talking and/or getting out of bed, scared or worried about something or another. He’d just consol me (probably to get me to be quiet) and I’d go back to sleep. But one night, I woke up and saw what I thought to be an alien, flutter from the curtains, fly under our sheets and possess the love of my life before my eyes. At my gasp he tried to consol me, reaching out, but I screamed bloody murder and fought his arms in absolute panic, afraid the creature inside was coming to get me next. Once my mind became clearer and dear hubby was able to grab me and talk me down from my hysteria, I burst into tears, thankful he was still himself and not some horrible creature I’d dreamt him to be.

I’m happy to say, after nine years of marriage, he sleeps through most of my night activities except when I see spiders.

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