Thursday, February 17, 2011

A little help & fan girl moments

Rhonda, my dear friend and most enthusiastic fan surprised me AGAIN! Look at the shirts she had made from the team buttons. I'm absolutely stunned and can't wait to wear mine!

The artist did an amazing job. I didn't know people could airbrush like this.

These types of moments make being an author so much fun!

On another note, I need a little help. I've had over 50 written reviews on GoodReads, but only 15 on Amazon. Reviews help with my ranking so others can find my books when searching. BOOKBLOGGERS: If you could take a moment to put your review on B&N and Amazon, I'd be ETERNALLY grateful! It is because of YOU that I've succeeded thus far and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!

Okay, back to writing... :)

Hugs, Brenda


  1. Beautiful artwork!!! You're not alone on those reviews. My ratio is even worse. So, bloggers, uh, while you're there for Brenda's anyway, if you wouldn't mind... LOL

    How's the writing going? It's FINALLY kicked in for me and I'm about 2/3 through book 3. Hope it's going well for you, too! Have a good weekend!

  2. I just came across your books. Looks very interesting and I love the swag those bookmarks are beautiful i'll be sending you a self addressed envelope...


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