Tuesday, July 5, 2011

CONTEST to win early copy of Everblue!!!

I need you help.  Everblue (releases 7/31) is centered in Lake Tahoe. If you don't already know, the lake has it's own folklore about a monster, much like Lochness, that lives in the deep waters. They call her Tahoe Tessie.

I'm looking for a creative, original, T-shirt slogan about Tessie.

If your slogan is picked, your slogan will appear in the book, your name in the acknowledgements for providing the slogan and you'll get an EARLY copy of Everblue, signed of course!

Contest runs from July 5th- July 16th. I'll post my favorite, and 2 runners up here. The runners up will get something cool too.

I can't wait to see what you come up with.


  1. I hope you find a cool slogan Brenda! :D Thanks for the giveaway, and the chance to help you out. ;)

  2. Good Luck!!! I admire how creative you are.

  3. How Cool!
    Question. I've come up with two slogans I like. Are we allowed to submit more than one slogan?

  4. Yes. You can come up with as many as you wish. Just let me know. Slogan 1: aasldfjl Slogan 2: asldkfj

    Okay? Thanks!

  5. Great giveaway. Love where your going with a shirt for Everblue's release.

    Cassandra Hernandez
    Book & Movie Depository


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