Saturday, July 30, 2011

Everblue Book Birthday

(big sigh)

Let me tell you . . . on the eve of my book birthday (it is available on Kindle now), I'm celebrating another victory. I've been in the hospital all week with my 5 yr old who had complications after a balloon valvoplasty and it's been a long but short week. I'm happy so say after , we are finally going home!

And . . . I've been waiting for Everblue to hit Amazon and Kindle.  And it's hit Kindle already! Yay!

This day wouldn't have happened without my crit partners, Lisa Sanchez, Lisa Langdale (bomb-beta) and Kristie Cook. All of them have been instrumental in crafting my new baby into something I hope you'll love as much as I do. And to Carol Oates, who helped make sure Badger was true to life!

I'll post a v-blog tomorrow to celebrate!

Thanks! And enjoy! The hardcover should be up tomorrow sometime on Amazon.

Hugs x a million,