Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week 1 - #everblueTour highlights...

Week one of the tour has commenced and it's been a nail bitter for me. The desires for each book are the same: a page-turner, something (mostly) original, adoration for the characters, a believable story. It's the fun and hard part of writing and a bit of an emotional roller-coaster. I know my story won't resonate with everyone, but when it comes down to it, I like writing and want to provide something people like to read, plain and simple. Whew... glad I got that off my chest.

This was the line-up and some high-lights (and you all get cookies too!) --

August 15 - Heather - Proud Book Nerd = Review
"I knew going into this that I’d probably like it, as Pandos has shown that she’s got the ability to craft a really good story. And this one, wow. Even better than I’d expected. "
August 16 - Kristie Cook - Author = Review
"I love this book. It's a sweet escape with lovable characters, especially the adorable Fin. "
August 17 - Emily D - Red House Books = Review
"Overall, I very much enjoyed Everblue. Brenda is awesome at weaving a story together and making you feel like you're there with the characters. And while I might not have liked all the characters or elements in Everblue, I felt engaged as a reader and really, that's more important to me."
August 18 - Steph - Fangs, Wands and Fairydust = Review
" excellent choice for many teens as the struggles the kids go through are pretty similar to what they may be going through. That time of life is one where things you believe are true change as you comprehend how the world really works. It's kind of funny that fantasy is a place to work it out but maybe it is exactly the fantastic aspect that allows kids the room to do so without their own world being threatened."
August 19 - Eleni (Host of the tour) - La Femme Readers = Review
Eleni, my friend since the beginning of my writing career and fabulous supporter of my work, touched my heart with her review. Thank you for hosting!!
"The dual narrative that was going on between Ashlyn and Fin created a great balance for both stories. It helped me connect with the human side of things, while also losing myself in the fantastical sea world. Overall, it was a delightful mer tale that will leave you wanting the sequel! "

Extra bonus: Jena wasn't in the tour, but she tweeted me the review and it's delightful, so I'm including it too: August 20 - Jena - Shortie Says = Review 
"I just adored this book. I loved the creativeness of the world, how it's told from duel viewpoints, the romance, the friendships, I just loved it all. Being able to be inside Fin and Ash's head and follow each of their stories was just brilliantly done." 

And she was the first to comment on the fin at the end of the E of Everblue. Extra cookies for her!
Thank you, ladies for your insight and reflections! I'm so honored you'd take the time to comment on my latest story!

Hugs, Brenda


  1. Heh yay! Thank you so much! Love the blog post!! :) I'm dying for the next book!!! :D <3

  2. Congratulations on all the great reviews! And on your new book. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog---yeah, those "Omni girls" are great!


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