Monday, December 12, 2011

EVERBLUE is a Best of the Best in 2011 novel

We interrupt the countdown to Onyx (which is 4 days people, well, 3 days and 15 hours if you look at the countdown --> ) to announce something SUPER exciting. Everblue, my Mer Tales novel, was picked as a Best of the BEST in 2011 by Nicole at Books Complete Me.

*insert screaming and flailing of hands*

Holy carp!!

Of all the amazing books out there, I have no idea how bloggers choose anyway, I'm so thrilled and honored to have Everblue chosen for this prestigious title. Thank you, Nicole.

So, if you follow the link, you can read the sweet things she said about Everblue and some questions she asked me AND enter to win a signed copy with matching bookmark. Go... go right now!


Okay... back to the countdown of Onyx... *bites nails*

Hugs, Brenda


  1. when will the sequel to everblue be out? cant read to read Onyx Talisman!!! 4 more days!!

  2. I love this book. I love the characters names in it as well, I can`t wait for Evergreen to come out ;)


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