Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Onyx Talisman comes in 6 days

I wanted to give a quick exciting update. Yes! The Onyx Talisman will be available through Amazon/Kindle and B&N/Nook Friday, December 16th and I just have to say, my team ROCKS! Without their dedication and help, it wouldn't have happened. Donna Wright, Kristie Cook, Lisa Sanchez, Lisa Langdale, Nicole from Books Complete Me and Jaime from Two Chicks. Muah!

I can't believe the day is almost here and I am so nervous! The pressure to deliver a satisfying ending is... HUGE! I've bit down my nails, worn off my fingerpads  and forked out quite a lot in nanny money to make this date. And I hope it will be worth it. Anyway, there's still last minute things to do, so I'm not talking on here long. I'll be sending out a newsletter the minute it's available. Sign up here: to receive it.

Thanks everyone for all the lovely well wishes and prayers for my family. Missing a deadline hurt like heck and I'm glad you all were so kind to me. My son's heart is doing awesome and he's running around faster than the rest of us now. Modern medicine is absolutely incredible.

And actually, this book is dedicated to YOU!

Thank you.... sniff.

Hugs x a million,


PS. Physical books will be available online sometime January 2012. A presale will be posted Friday, the 16th for those who want signed copies!


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