Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Contest: Name Tatchi's Novella

I need a title for a novella I'm working on for Tatchi to be released around Evergreen's release. So, I'm going to turn it into a contest and ask your opinion.

Here are the guidelines:

I'd like it to play off either Ever or Never. Or it could play off a color.

There's already a book called Nevermore, Evermore, and Everneath, so I'm wanting to stay clear of those titles. Or any new releases that have the same name.

The story will take place underwater in Natatoria and focused on Tatchi wanting to leave, but unable to because of ... well, if you've read Everblue, you'll know why.

The contest will run from now 'til February 18th. Please leave a comment below with your suggestions. Enter as much as you want.

I'll pick 5-10 of my favorites and then let you vote!

Winner will receive a $50 Amazon gift card and a shout out in the acknowledgments!

Sound fun? I hope so!

Hugs, Brenda