Sunday, February 19, 2012

TIME TO VOTE for the title of Tatchi's Novella

Please vote for your favorite title for Tatchi's novella. I've chosen my favorite suggestions from the previous post. For duplicate entries, I'm honoring the person who posted the idea first.

PREMISE: This novel is about Tatchi's stolen/forced promise (or marriage) to a man she hates, and now because of the merkiss, her feelings betray her and she cannot live without him--love/hate in the strongest meaning of the words. She's also separated from her family and forced to live in a culture opposite her beliefs. Her future involves her eventually becoming the Queen, so she has to mind her manners and their traditions. All of it is a living hell for her. So, the title needs to portray these ideals.

You can only vote once, so vote wisely.

Contest runs to Saturday, March 10th
Good Luck!!

Have fun! 
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  1. Nevermore has been done before a few times. I like Everlost

  2. Everkiss centers the story around that "kiss" that placed her in the predicament. I think that it would be a more hopeful title since we don't want our leading merlady to be "lost" forever.

    1. I agree! Plus, it's catchy--makes you want to know more what the story is about.
      Also, I believe "Everlost" is a title to a Neal Shusterman novel. Like wise with "Nevermore" being a Kelly Creagh book as well as a soon-to-be James Patterson's newest Max Ride book.

    2. The kiss is why she has been lost to family & friends, the reason for her misery. Somehow the kiss has to be undone. Seems obvious that Everkiss would be a great choice. Everlost is already a title like you said by Shusterman.

  3. I like Everlost because she is lost in their world and she can`t escape :(

  4. I like everlost cause she is lost from her family lost from her friend, lost from her own life.. her will was lost and now she is lost to a world she doesn't want to belong to.. she is truly lost

  5. I like Everlost becuase it tells how Tatchi is not only lost in the water but also in her heart, mind, and soul. Also, the people who love her such as Fin and Ashlyn have lost her. ut describes her life perfectly :)

  6. As stated before Everkiss... Would be great it is the kiss that trapped her....


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