Saturday, July 7, 2012

$50 Winner & other goodies coming up!

We have a winner for the $50 gift cert.


Other Giveaways:
  • Win a copy of Everblue & Evergreen: HERE
  • Win a replica of Ash's necklace by posting a review: HERE


  • Book Tour: August 20th - Sept 7th. Reviews, Interviews, books, charms, vials of essence, and a KINDLE giveaway!
  • Order your signed copy of Evergreen: HERE at the $8.99 price until 7/16
Send me a self addressed stamped envelope to:

Brenda Pandos
P.O Box 601901
Sacramento, CA 95860

And I'll send you a charm with an Evergreen bookmark! (until supplies last)

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  1. Love the new book read it in less than a day. Now I'm just wishing I could fast forward time so I can read the next installment. Great job.


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