Monday, September 3, 2012

Blog Tour Vblog Posts 1 & 2

Here I am in all my geeky glory, answering questions from blog comments you've left during the Evergreen Blog Tour. Hopefully, I'm getting better at video editing.

Enter to win $50 and other goodies here:

UPDATE! The Twitter party is Sept 14th at 9pm EST


  1. Hello Brenda,
    I enjoyed the video posts. I knew how you wrote and now I know how you sound.

    I also enjoyed the character interview w/ Fin on "Once Upon A Twilight". Based on that and your comments in the video post, I think that you have adolescent male insecurity nailed pretty well. If Fin has severe reservations about wearing a man-skirt then he ought to swim by a Scottish Highland games where he will find plenty of manly men who will be more than happy to disabuse him of such notions. ;-)

    For the record, I have been a certified mermaid geek since the age of 5 and have worn a kilt for 30 years.

    On a more serious note, I would like to ask you a question about your vision as it pertains to Ash. It seemed to me that - post conversion - Ash appeared to do most things instinctively (like curling her tail around Fin - quite sweet & romantic) as if a lot of this was already built in to her. In your world, do you think that someone who has been restored to their rightful status - like Ash - would immediately fare better than a raw recruit like Fin's mother?

    Finally, does Essence come in a "Family Size"? :-)

    Howard Parsons

  2. Hi Brenda! Thanks for answering our questions! This was my first time watched the v-log and I loved it! It is so nice to be able to see an author answer my questions. I really have to buy Evergreen soon so I can read it.

    Btw did you anounce the winners of the contest yet?


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