Friday, October 26, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Question #3 for Giveaway Contest

Thanks for coming along on Day #3 of the Emerald Talisman audio book tour where you can win a book bag filled with a signed book of your choice, swag, talisman, and $25 gift card. Just follow the post link and answer the question in the comments below with your email. It's that EASY! (be sure to tell the blogger thanks as well in her comments)

Today I talk about audio books and if they hold true to an authors head at Books Complete Me.


and for fun: Do you like to listen, or read books? Have you listened then read, or vice versa? Was the voice as good as you imagined?

Each comment will count as an entry, so you can jump in and play at any time. You'll only need a US address for me to ship the goodies to. Also, be sure to post on these lovely ladies blogs as well and thank them for participating!

NEXT QUESTION WILL BE ON 10/26 with My 5 Monkeys! Stay Tuned!!