Monday, October 29, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Question #4 for the Giveaway Contest

See the Panda? Get it? Pandos. Panda. *snort* Okay... I know. Bad Monday morning joke. I'm a little punchy today. I haven't been able to write in four days and I'm losing my grip. It's for all good reasons. Mostly business catch-up, "other work" and important kid things (field trips and friend birthday parties). Besides being a full-time writer (well, 1/2-time writer, full-time mother/wife), I have a webdesign business and my clients do take priority (at times) and because of my cool "jobs" where I work in jammies, I actually look forward to Mondays... but, my 4-yr-old has a field trip at the pumpkin patch today, so... writing may not happen (sigh).

BUT! NANOWRIMO is coming Nov 1st and I'm gearing up to finish Everlost. I'm actually plotting this time, something I've resisted doing in prior books. The Plot Whisperer has changed everything. I've whispered and my plot is listening. Let's just hope it helps me organize my thoughts so I can get out books faster for your ravenous reading appetites!

Okay... so let's get to the reason you're here, I know... I know. Enough about me, let's talk about you and Question #4 of the contest. If you're just tuning in, where have you been? Seriously? This is THE EMERALD TALISMAN audiobook RELEASE TOUR where I'm giving away trips, cash, prizes! (clarification: trips inside your imagination, $25 gift card, swag/bookbag/signed book of your choice) 

Today's question comes from Julie at My 5 Monkeys where we talk about the 5 snacks I crave while writing HERE. Check it out to get the answer to TODAY'S question! And say "hi" to Julie. Bloggers love comments, too!

What beverage of choice is fueling Everlost?

and for fun... what's your favorite beverage?

Your comment will count as an entry, so you can jump in and answer prior questions at any time. You'll only need a US address for me to ship the goodies to.

NEXT QUESTION WILL BE ON 10/30 with Crystal at Get Lost in Fiction! Stay tuned!!


  1. Orange Juice is fueling Everlost and my favorite beverage is Sweet Tea but I also love my Pepsi.

    1. sorry forgot my email addy crystaley73 at yahoo dot com

  2. Everlost is being fueled by orange juice by the carton.. LOL I have to say my fav beverage is caramel frappe from mcdonalds, I know it's so not good for you.. but I could drink that all day long..

  3. And the inspirational drink is....jus d'orange! How very healthy of you :)! My fav changes according to the season, because it gets pretty lousy cold and rainy here, but for the moment it's Barlean's Greens mixed into whatever juice we have in the fridge.

  4. The beverage fueling Everlost is orange juice by the carton, and my favorite drink is Mint Tea.

  5. Todays answer is Orange Juice & I would say lots of it. My favorite is Iced Coffee from Starbucks or Mac Donalds with cream & Splenda. I don't like the sweet flavors because I want it to taste like coffee so I know it will keep me awake. lol ;-)

  6. Orange juice by the carton. My favorite drink is Pumpkin Frap. from Starbucks! :)



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