Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Question #5 for Giveaway Contest

It's Day #5 for the scavenger hunt of The Emerald Talisman audio book release tour where I give away children, cars, and diamonds! (just checking to see if you're awake. You can have my kids for a few hours. I do want them back.). Actually, I'm giving away cool stuff and it's easy to enter! If you're lost and would like to participate in the hunt, check out this POST.

So, today I'm hanging at Get Lost in Fiction (I LUFF your blog design, Crystal) and drooling at the graphics. Sorry. That's kind of gross, but this isn't the first time I've drooled while visiting and you'll have to see why HERE. I also talk about a typical writing day and what I've learned from writing The Emerald Talisman.

SO... Question # 5 (which involved you fine fair friends)
In point #6, who have I had the pleasure of meeting?

also, for fun... what word do you chronically misspell? Or do you have a cute story about a misreading misunderstanding?

Answer in the comments below for an entry and leave your email addy!

Here's my story: As a kid (this is going to age me), daily we drove by McDonalds. I always thought the sign said 760 Balloons sold daily (instead of billions). This made me wonder why I NEVER got a balloon when we visited.  Then, the silly ad people did a switcharoo on me and the sign was reprinted to say balloons and balloons. That really confused me. Not at the repetitiveness of it, but the fact that I'd yet to receive a balloon. Those silly ad people at McDonalds. 

Love, peace, hugs and all that mushy stuff,



  1. You have had the pleasure of meeting lots of amazing authors and bloggers and fans(me being one of them :)! Janilledutton@gmaill.com. Uh, I seem to struggle with the word fence. It always pops up in my mind first as: fense (like the German word for window-Fenster) I know, ridiculous, but I think a gazillion years of taking foreign languages sort of helped and also messed up my brain!

  2. I’d meet the coooooooooolest people! I can’t believe all the fans, book bloggers, and authors I’ve had the pleasure to be around and get to know. So awesome!

    and what do I misspell well I am know for the witch when I'm typing which.. LOL IDK why my brain can not get it right but i do it all the time!! ;)

  3. You meet the cooooooolest people.
    I always seem to misspell the simply words.

    1. Sorry I forgot my email crystaley73 at yahoo dot com

  4. You have met the coooooolest people, bloggers, authors & all of us fans.

    I can't imagine how you mange to do everything that you do and write good too. It's amazing. I wish the best of luck with everything. ;-)

  5. I forgot to leave my email again. dianebojda@yahoo.com


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