Thursday, November 29, 2012

Winner and Happy Birthday to me!

This past weekend I celebrated my *beep* birthday. My grandma, my mom and I all hit a big decade this year and we couldn't let the day pass without a big party!

We hosted a decade dance where people came dressed in their favorite decade. We had a Madonna, McHammer, Rosy the riveter,  a sailor, Castro, a few flapper girls, some hippies, and even Donald Trump made an appearance. My husband (on the left) and I (right) were gangster's in the 20's. But the best was my brother and his wife (sandwiched between us in the picture). They came dressed up in disco and I practically rolled on the floor in laughter when they arrived. I never thought the day would come where I'd see my bro wear platform heals! Funny thing, he's a redhead under that Afro!

It was a super fun time. Can't believe I'm finally 30! *snort*

I also picked a winner for the scavenger hunt!

Congrats Crystaley73!

Please email me with your address so I can ship out your goodies! Thanks everyone for participating! Everblue audio book will be coming out soon, along with The Sapphire Talisman in January. I can't wait for you to hear a sample!

I hope you're enjoying the holiday season! I'm pleased to say I'm done shopping thanks to the internet. Now I wait for all the boxes to arrive!

Hugs, Brenda

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 15: Happy Thanksgiving and Scavenger hunt post

I'm more thankful than you can know this Thanksgiving: for my God, my husband, my kids, my family, my friends, my health, my security and for you, dear readers! Because of your loyal readership, I'm able to do what I've always dreamed of doing: being a stay at home mom and working from home. This is the first time in my life I'm doing something I love so much that it doesn't feel like a job. I never get the Sunday afternoon blues, I get to work in my pajamas  and the only drama I have to "endure" is when I think up horrible things for my characters to overcome.

Anyway, it did take a difficult time to push me through this proverbial window, but I'm happy this is the outcome. And without you, it wouldn't have been possible. So thank you for sharing your love of reading, for telling your friends about my books, encouraging me to write more, and for making this dream possible.

I'm still continuing on with the scavenger hunt for The Emerald Talisman audio book tour.

11/19 : Julia was interviews on Fikshun
11/21: Review on Once Upon a Twilight

This question comes from the 11/19 post with Julia's interview.

What's Julia's least favorite trait about herself?
and for fun, what are you the most thankful for this year?

Post the answers in the comment for an entry to the scavenger hunt. If your just following along, the rules are HERE.

Thank you, everyone. Have a wonderful holiday!

Hugs, Brenda

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 14 of the scavenger hunt

Day 14: Two Chicks on Books

On Thursday, I share a brief conversation I had with Phil. It's quite... interesting.

Question #14
What does Phil ask to have?
For fun, what book character would you want to visit you?

Post your answers in the comments with your email to enter! If you're just following along, you can find out how to play along HERE.

Hugs, Brenda

Day 13 of the scavenger hunt

Day 13 with Fiktshun

On Wednesday, Fiktshun posted a scene from Nicholas' point of view from the beach scene where Julia and Phil get to know one another. It's one my favorite scenes.

Question #13
What's Nicholas' reaction to their conversation?
for fun, are you team Nicholas? Or Phil?

Post your answers in the comments with your email to enter! If you're just following along, you can find out how to play along HERE.

Hugs, Brenda

Day 12 of the scavenger hunt

Day 12: Magical Urban Reads

The voice of The Emerald Talisman, Mary Morgan is interviewed on Magical Urban Reads. There she shares her experiences with reading books.

Question #12
What's Mary's favorite voices to read? 

Post your answers in the comments with your email to enter! If you're just following along, you can find out how to play along HERE.

Hugs, Brenda

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day #11 of the Scavenger Hunt

On Monday, Lisa at A Life Bound By Books interviewed Mary Morgan, the voice of The Emerald Talisman.

If your just following along, you can find out how to participated in the scavenger hunt HERE.

Question #11

What group of foods does Mary avoid before she starts recording?
and for fun, what's your dream job?

Answer in the comments below and include your email addy!

Thanks for following along. I hope you're enjoying the tour.

Hugs, Brenda

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day #10 of the Scavenger Hunt

I apologize for being late in posting questions.

It's Day 10... wow. We are about 1/2 way finished with the tour. Having fun?

If you're just jumping in, the details are here on how to play.

On Wednesday, I was interviewed on Live to Read on how and where my inspiration to write The Emerald Talisman came from.

What was Nicholas' original name?
and for fun, what did you do to make lemon aid in your life during a time of lemons?

Write your answer in the comments with your email addy for an entry!



Day #9 for the Scavenger Hunt contest

If you're following along on the tour questions for a chance to win FUN prizes, you're in the right place. (Details here)

Today's question comes from Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf where I talked on Tuesday about why someone should give an audio book a try.

Where do I typically listen to audio books?
 for fun, where do you listen if you listen?

Answer in the comments and leave your email addy for an entry!

We've only one more week left of the tour *sniff*, so keep playing for your chance to win!!

Hugs, Brenda

Question #8 for the Scavenger Hunt Contest

I apologize for being absent the last few days.
Today, I'll catch up on all the questions from the last 4 days of posts (if you were worried).

On Monday, Julia was interviewed on A Life Bound by Books  where she was asked 5 secrets we don't know about her... she came up with some doosies here.

If you're just following along, here's how to play along the scavenger hunt.

Question #8 
What frightens Julia?
for fun, what frightens you (irrationally, of course)?

Answer in the comments with your email addy for an entry!

For me, the idea Jaws would be in the swimming pool with me is totally irrational and still haunts me to this day.

Hugs, Brenda

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day #7 Scavenger Hunt for Contest

Friday's post came from Mindy at Books Complete Me and I couldn't be happier at the review (SQUEE!) And good news for everyone: Mary has agreed to read The Sapphire Talisman and it's in the works to be released after the new year! YEAH!

If you are just tuning in, read the post here or click the tour schedule button on the left.

Question #7
Where did I meet Mindy at?
Answer is HERE

And for fun, do you go to book signings? Is it fun to meet authors? Or weird to see the face behind the words?

I've met quite a few YA authors at RT last year, and all of them were awesome. I've found YA authors are super snarky, fun, and love teens (probably because we never grew up), which makes it fun.

Next week will have 5 posts and 5 questions... stay tuned!!!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day #6 Scavenger Hunt for Contest

HAPPY HALLOWEEN (late ... sorry) (from the biggest fraidy cat of them ALL)!

It's ironic that I of all people would have vampires in my stories, but hey... I know where they are at all times in my world and you don't. Muahahaa.

Today we have a review at Sam the Bookaholic. Luckily the review is spoiler free for those who might not have read or listened to The Emerald Talisman yet. What are you waiting for??? It's FREE on Amazon and Nook right now! And... it's a decent price for an audio book. Treat yourself! I know you'll enjoy it!

So, if you're just following along, we've had 5 questions so far and here's the 6th.
Go to the post HERE to find the answer to this question:

How many stars did the review get?
For fun, what was the best Halloween costume you're ever worn or seen?

Mine? I wore a crown and homecoming queen sash to work. My new boss of 5 days forgot it was Halloween and gave me the weirdest look when I came to work. I didn't know she'd had so many wacky interviewees and questioned hiring me! Luckily we had a good laugh about it later.