Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day #6 Scavenger Hunt for Contest

HAPPY HALLOWEEN (late ... sorry) (from the biggest fraidy cat of them ALL)!

It's ironic that I of all people would have vampires in my stories, but hey... I know where they are at all times in my world and you don't. Muahahaa.

Today we have a review at Sam the Bookaholic. Luckily the review is spoiler free for those who might not have read or listened to The Emerald Talisman yet. What are you waiting for??? It's FREE on Amazon and Nook right now! And... it's a decent price for an audio book. Treat yourself! I know you'll enjoy it!

So, if you're just following along, we've had 5 questions so far and here's the 6th.
Go to the post HERE to find the answer to this question:

How many stars did the review get?
For fun, what was the best Halloween costume you're ever worn or seen?

Mine? I wore a crown and homecoming queen sash to work. My new boss of 5 days forgot it was Halloween and gave me the weirdest look when I came to work. I didn't know she'd had so many wacky interviewees and questioned hiring me! Luckily we had a good laugh about it later.


  1. 4 stars.. The most fun costume would be when I was 7 months pregnant I went as bat girl.. want to talk about a good laugh my belly was so big it was the silliest thing ever!!

  2. Four! The year I married, my husband and I wore his UPS uniforms. The twist was that we hollowed out huge pumpkins and carved some gruesome faces on them, then.....cut out the bottoms and wore them on our heads! We thought we were so very clever, until we realized the "weight" of the situation! Let's just say, we spent the evening at party with pumpkin crud in our hair, having checked our "hats" at the door.

  3. 4 Stars I would say the year that I dressed as a fortune teller for my nieces girl scout troop's haunted house we all had alot of fun and raised some money for charity too.

    1. Forgot my email again crystaley73 at yahoo dot com

  4. The answer is 4 stars. I dressed up as a really sexy devil one year for a party. It was the last time my friends & I dressed up & had a really great Halloween.


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