Thursday, November 29, 2012

Winner and Happy Birthday to me!

This past weekend I celebrated my *beep* birthday. My grandma, my mom and I all hit a big decade this year and we couldn't let the day pass without a big party!

We hosted a decade dance where people came dressed in their favorite decade. We had a Madonna, McHammer, Rosy the riveter,  a sailor, Castro, a few flapper girls, some hippies, and even Donald Trump made an appearance. My husband (on the left) and I (right) were gangster's in the 20's. But the best was my brother and his wife (sandwiched between us in the picture). They came dressed up in disco and I practically rolled on the floor in laughter when they arrived. I never thought the day would come where I'd see my bro wear platform heals! Funny thing, he's a redhead under that Afro!

It was a super fun time. Can't believe I'm finally 30! *snort*

I also picked a winner for the scavenger hunt!

Congrats Crystaley73!

Please email me with your address so I can ship out your goodies! Thanks everyone for participating! Everblue audio book will be coming out soon, along with The Sapphire Talisman in January. I can't wait for you to hear a sample!

I hope you're enjoying the holiday season! I'm pleased to say I'm done shopping thanks to the internet. Now I wait for all the boxes to arrive!

Hugs, Brenda

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