Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 1 - #Hullabaloo - Girl Under Glass eBook giveaway

Welcome to DAY ONE of 12 days of giveaways from 14 fabulous authors brought together by the bestselling author Denise Grover Swank! 

From 12/10 - 12/21 you can enter to win a different prize from each participating author ending with our grand prize: a $200 gift certificate! That's over 155 prizes!

On the first day of the hullabaloo, Brenda is giving away:

Girl Under Glass eBook by Monica Enderle Pierce

What do you do when you’re trapped between death and the devil? To protect her young daughter from a madman and a tyrant, Rachel Pryne must trust an enemy—one of the alien warriors who conquered Earth.
It is 2032, the Ohnenrai—Earth’s humanoid alien conquerors—orbit the planet, and Terran reproduction is failing. Rachel Pryne, a trained medic, is struggling to protect her seven-year-old daughter, Pearl, from the sexual predation of their penal colony’s leader. Having fathered the girl by rape, he now intends to take her on her eighth birthday, only six weeks away.

Then Rachel finds her unlikely champion—an injured Ohnenrai soldier who appears in her yard one stormy evening. She knows she may be choosing death over the devil in trusting this warrior, but she doesn’t know that her trust, and her DNA, will make her one of the most important and endangered people to ever set foot aboard an Ohnenrai starship.

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And last, but not least, the GRAND PRIZE!!!!

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