Sunday, December 16, 2012

Moment of Silence

Like you, the events of Friday's shooting has left me heartbroken. I cried as the news reports poured in and wondered out loud how something so cruel could hurt the most innocent and tender. We not only grieved for the lives lost and wounded, but for that part of the magic and wonder of this holiday season that was taken from us all.

I know that no words, no gifts, no acts of service will ever take away the pain as we collectively want those affected by this to know how close to our hearts they truly are:

We love you. We are praying for you.
We're so so heartbroken for your lost.

To honor the families today, I'm asking we take a small break today to celebrate the gift of life with those you love most: your children, families, good friends and communities both online and off. Hold your loved ones a little closer and reach out to friends, realizing how thankful we are for the moments together.

Thank you for reading this and stopping by. I'm thankful for you and hope you'll join me in remembering, praying, and gathering close. I wish you and yours a safe and blessed holiday season. 

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