Sunday, February 24, 2013

A small delay of #everlost to 3/14

Today I'd hoped to be putting the frosting on my 6th book, Everlost (and making these cuties) and then hit send to my proofer with the FINAL draft. But after working through these latest revisions from my fab beta team and editor, I see it's not ready yet. At 350 pages with over 30 characters, tons of passion, drama, and fighting... there's still loose ends.

So with that being said, there's no way Everlost will be ready on 2/28 date as expected. I need to push out things two more weeks. I know this is going to frustrate some of you and I'm truly sorry. I'm asking for your grace and patience just a little longer. For Tatchi, for the rebels, for Badger, Jacob, Fin, Ash. For Galadriel, Jax, and Ferdinand. For Queen Desiree and King Phaleon, and even Prince Azor. It will (hopefully) all be worth it. Once it's live, I'll let everyone know on my blog, twitter, facebook, and send out a newletter, too.

Thank you, dear readers!

Love, Brenda

PS. My contest has been extended, too. Be sure to enter!

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