Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The truths I discovered at RT

Sunday, I returned from RT book lovers convention in Kansas City. Ever have that feeling you don't know where to start? My brain is zinging with three different stories... new zombie book, sequel to the Talisman Series, and Mer Tales (which could classify as a New Adult considering Ash and Tatchi will be going to college *grins*). Then there's promoting and blogging and tweeting and and and.... wait! Why is it dark? My hats have fallen and they won't get off my eyes!

Let me just start by saying I had a fab time reuniting with my BAFF, Kristie Cook and her publisher, Chrissi Jackson (yeah, I was calling them each others names the entire weekend). They kept me sane, fed and internet supplied the entire trip. Between leaving my ID at home when about to board my flight, to E.L. James (who'd snuck into the convention) jumping up and yelling for the New Adult panel to "stop talking about my book and saying it's self published," two rows behind me, to the crazy outfits people wear to the parties, and inappropriate erotica swag, my mind is still spinning.

Highlights would be meeting Abbi Glines, Tammara Webber, Jamie McGuire, Nicole Williams, and Jennifer Armentrout, who are all so humble and welcoming. And then I found myself puzzled, recognizing faces but not the books they wrote, wishing people would just clothe themselves in a wrapper of their covers while walking around the convention! I know, how rude of me. I absolutely adored meeting the creator of Buffy, Nancy Holder, and Kami Garcia couldn't have been sweeter. She actually asked me about my books *swoon*. And then to have a fan drive three hours to come visit me. *hugs, Melanie!* That made my entire trip!

A few things surprised me. I went with the hopes of gleaning some secret from the Indies who have scored a larger publisher. But after listening to the downsides (loss of control, inability to check sales numbers at a whim, changing pricing points, etc), I was even more confused what would be right for me. And then to top it off, during a panel of successful authors, they were asked, "do you feel successful." Many of them said no. NO? What? *blinks* Did you, successful author, just say no? I really wanted to know why, but then again, maybe they are like me: reach a bar, then move it. It was humbling, enlightening, and grounding all at the same time. So, again, I was stumped. Then that tiny voice reminded me I thought selling 500 copies my first year on my own was HUGE and when I queried an agent with those numbers, she came back with wanting over 10K in book sales. 10K??? At the time, I thought "Holy cow, why would I need an agent if I can do that on my own?" Those numbers were impossible, until I hit that mark and shot so far past it, I still laugh at how many books I've sold. But I keep moving the bar.

So I don't know what's in store for me, but what I have decided is to write what I want to read (even if that means I always fly under the radar), love my readership and dream big, because all those things I have control over. And, I can look in the mirror and honestly can say that I am successful. :)

Oh... and for that, I'm celebrating with a sale, because I do have control over my price points! :) If you haven't dove into the fab world of Natatoria in Everblue, get it for free for a limited time and enjoy Evergreen at $1.99.

Hugs, Brenda


  1. love it!! can't wait to hear more about the new story ideas you've garnered from this trip (more Talisman and Mer Tales please!!!) and can't wait to hear more about your time at RT!

  2. We had a fabulous time with you! I miss you already! :( I'm impressed you've been able to put this post together already - my mind is still spinning. I LOVE your three decisions, though. They are absolutely perfect. Much {{{hugs}}} to you, BAFF!

  3. Yes, we LOVED seeing you again and need to start to pre-plan for a West Coast adventure. I agree with Kristie, your decisions sound perfect. Write what you want to write and you'll be a success no matter what. Hugs and love to you, sweets!

  4. How fun to find your website! I love that you are following your dream and still having fun, 10k, 20k titles and counting!


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