Monday, July 22, 2013

What I do when I'm not writing...

I film silly things. Yes. We did the Harlem Shake. After the Internet revolution,  I might add. But it's not my fault. I live in a writing hole. We hadn't heard of the Harlem Shake... in a long time. I sound like the old turtle on The Never Ending Story. That's because we (me, myself and my characters) were writing the end of Everlost five gazillion times. Remember? #headdesk Okay, so that's an over exaggeration. It wasn't five gazillion, but it was a lot though. And if I would have know about this amazing dance, I might not have pulled out that last strand of hair keeping my head warm.

So... this also give you a glimpse of my living room and the crazy kids that occupy it often. Keeping them busy also takes up writing time. Summer... are you over yet? They're in need of school and a schedule. Oh... and homework. Bleck.

Anyway... I have been busy! I'm 1/2 way done with my unnamed post zombie apocalypse story. It's coming soon. I promise... *smiles*

What do you think? Can you pick out my kids? How about that tall handsome minecraft dude? Isn't he hot?

I digress.... back to writing.

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