Tuesday, January 28, 2014

10 Signs You've Been Editing Too Long (and release party news)

  1. You don't think anything of going outside at 3PM in your bathrobe until your neighbor gives a worried up and down to which you yell, "What? I write, okay?"
  2. Installing a dishwasher in your office has crossed your mind with all the dishes and cups scattered about, and a fridge... and a bathroom. 
  3. You forget when you showered last.
  4. You bust out laughing, cry spontaneously, or shriek and forget it's 1AM and your family does appreciate their beauty rest.
  5. Your track changes has so much red, it starts to look like you've slashed your manuscript and it's bleeding.
  6. You start calling your kids your character's names.
  7. You and the cat have totally bonded, because at this point he's the only one who will listen to your, "Oh, I got it... what about a snow storm where A character is stuck without... a shovel!" And kitty thinks you're brilliant, though he keeps hogging the keyboard real estate.
  8. You forget where and why you're driving... Oh yes. School for the minions... right. 
  9. You start making up real clever ways to show emotion with brand new words, like "Her eyes slighted," "She accosted me with a hug," "Their lips slanted against one anothers." Wait, how do you spell anothers? Is that even a word?
  10. You get to the end and blink for a few minutes and wonder why you're not relieved... then you question yourself. Am I done? I'm not done! Crap! There's something still wrong with this. I'm in HELL!!!! (and then you revise more)
  11. You write a blog post about said torture and use lots of sarcasm... wait. I wasn't supposed to type this. It's 10 signs, not 11. *revise*
Good news! GLITCH IS FINISHED! And I've had the best time with Julie Bromley, my right hand girl and street team lead, to plan the release and give you the courage to slide into a new genre with me. Yes, there is that scary word ZOMBIE in the title. I know they're gross and dead. And yes, they can be scary. But if you know ANYTHING ABOUT ME, I'm the biggest scaredy cat on the PLANET! If you can handle my vampires, you can handle a few zombies (not in real life though). They're actually kinda cute... see?

That leads me to announce my RELEASE PARTY on FRIDAY, January 31st! I'm giving away swag goodies and giftcards to 10 lucky winners! You can't miss this! Be sure to be signed up for my newsletter: tinyurl.com/mge8zvn and follow me on Facebook so you don't miss the official invite!

In the meantime... meet two of my characters:

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