Friday, April 11, 2014

Blood Wars is LIVE!

Blood Wars.... is LIVE

Talisman Series lovers, the wait is over. The next segment in the Talisman saga is live. 


WAIT! I have a disclaimer, well, a confession really. I'm an ADD writer (no duh!). I bounce from series to series with each new pretty idea that pops in my head. That leaves many of you in the wake, waiting for the next installment to whichever series you love. While this works for me, I hate that you are waiting. In turn, I end put extra pressure to write faster, which makes unproductive writing sessions. And unlike other writers who never sleep and produce books like bunnies, I can't write a million words in a sitting. Two books a year is my max. So... to solve this problem, I've come up with a solution.


What's a serial you ask? It's a novella sized book packed with a full-action story in a chewy morsel. It's a quick and dirty read to satisfy your appetite with a promise of the next installment in a few weeks, instead of a few months. Now I know for some of you, you want and crave a long novel. So, I've got a solution for you as well. After I release 3-4 serials in a series, I'll bundle into a omnibus and you'll have your full book at the normal price. I know I might get some "I'm bummed" emails, but hear me out. I will still give you want you want, just sooner if you wish to read it sooner. That's all that's changing.

So, BLOOD WARS, is part one of the TALISMAN SERIALS (this makes me a little hungry when I say it out loud)
After just having died while saving all of humanity, Julia wakes up to a world where no vampires exist. Unexplainably, she and Nicholas are the only ones who remember the past. Julia’s wish to be a normal teen has come to pass, and like a gift, they can start their happily ever after. 

That was until a new teacher showed up. To everyone else, Mr. Cruor is just a good looking guy with a voice that makes everything sound exciting, including stories of a bunch of dead guys. However, Julia knows Mr. Cruor. Stuck in his class, Julia is afraid that he’s not here to teach her history. He’s here for something else and there’s nothing she can do about it.

Following THE ONYX TALISMAN, BLOOD WARS is volume 1 of a spin-off of serials, each approx 20,000 words. Jump in here, or immerse yourself with the drama in THE TALISMAN TRILOGY.

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If you haven't read the Talisman Trilogy, have no fear. You can jump in with Blood Wars, or enjoy The Emerald Talisman for FREE.

Also, OUT FOR BLOOD IS FREE on AMAZON until 4/15! This companion book to BLOOD WARS is told in Phil's perceptive. Want to know how he really feels about Julia? Then you'll want to get this book. Don't have a Kindle? Never fear!

Amazon has a FREE Kindle app HERE

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