Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Blood Wars 2 - Coming August 21st

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Release Date: August 21st

After it’s discovered that Julia’s blood carries a rare gene that cures cancer, her life turns upside down. Fear that the wrong people could abduct her and sell her blood on the black market, she’s forced to be chaperoned by a bodyguard. Of course, Mr. Cruor offers sanctuary at his luxurious mansion with promises of everything she could ever want in life. But all Julia really wants is to keep things the way they are—until she’s threatened.

Faces from the past keep popping up at the strangest times and the motives of their actions become questionable. Who’s really behind the threat? Do they remember the past, too? Phil believes it’s Mr. Cruor while Nicholas doesn’t. If things get really bad, Julia knows she could run away with Nicholas and her new stash of cash and start a new life far from the drama.

Then again, one should be very careful of what they wish for, or they might indeed get it.

Find out in the next riveting installment of the Talisman serials.

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