Thursday, August 21, 2014

Happy Release Day -- Blood Wars 2 is LIVE!

Happy Release Day to Blood Wars 2!

Talisman Series lovers, the wait is over. The next segment in the Talisman saga is live! Curious what happened to Julia after her secret was discovered? Or maybe you're wondering why the vampires of the past keep popping up out of nowhere.

Of course, Nicholas and Phil keep arguing over what Julia should do. All she wants is for everything to stay the same. No such luck. Her life has forever changed and not for the better. She could run away from it all. Then again, one should be careful what they wish for... (dun dun dunnnnn) 

Of course I can't forget that ever charming Phil.


And because you're my faithful fans and followers, Blood Wars 2 be offered today for a special price of $0.99! So get on it and remember, reviews help me write the next segment faster! And I promise (since my kids are in school now) the next segment will be coming in a few weeks, so don't send out the lynch mob on me! 

Amazon UK:

And tomorrow at 1pm PST, don't miss my first Google Hangout. I'll be answering your questions from twitter with the #bloodwars2 (include the hashtag), or ones you send via email at Otherwise it'll be pretty boring. *cue crickets*
I'll post the link on my Facebook tomorrow (once I figure it out) so you can see my pretty face.

If you'd like to read chapter 1, you can find it HERE

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