Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Truly Madly Deeply, Vol. 3. Sneak Peak Scene

Excerpt from Chapter Two

Once the lunch meal is over, I heft the money till and my cup of ice tea, and head for the snack shack early so I can stock the new inventory we just received. I’ve made up my mind to avoid Logan, too, since he’s also being an asshat.

“Here, let me help you.” Kat comes alongside me from nowhere and grabs my ice tea. She’s wearing an off the shoulder number with a bustier accentuating the cleavage I know God didn’t give her.

“Wow,” I say before I can help myself.

“Oh, this?” She laughs. “Logan and I were pirates for Halloween last year, and this outfit was just perfect for the camp theme, don’t you think?”

“Explains his blue striped pants.” I giggle softly, remembering how he blew out the crotch.

She tilts her head. “Blue stripped pants?”

“Oh… must have been a skit closet special.” I bite my lip. “Thanks for your help.”

“Don’t mention it.” She leans against the doorframe, looking around the place like there are secrets written on the walls. “Now this job must be cake. You really scored.”

I grit my teeth and restock the candy holders on the shelf and counter. Is she serious? “Yeah, it’s okay. Nice of you to be able to fill in for Kitty.”

“I feel so bad for her. We were besties at camp. Crazy how it worked out, huh? I didn’t think I could swing it, considering.” She stops and looks solemnly out the window for a second. “But since I’m friends with my boss’ family, they were cool with it.”

I try not to look surprised that she’s friends with people who own resorts. “What do you do there?”

“I work with the kids. The tips are amazing.”

Of, course they are. “Then you’ll have your work cut out for you this week.”

“Naw. My girls are super sweet.” She gestures to them as they are lying out by the pool. “Easier than the club kids. You know.” She rubs her fingertips together. “Money.”

“I wouldn’t know,” I wanted to say, but don’t. I nod instead, hoping she’s not really here to confront me on the biotch incident.

“Well, thanks again,” I say as a hint.

One week. That’s all I need to endure until I get Ms. Perfect and her diamond ring out of my life.

“Yeah…” She starts to leave, then turns. “Sorry about everything with your ex. What a douche canoe. I hope you told him where to stick it.”

My hands freeze for a second. I turn to her. “Logan told you?”

She chuckles, and then studies her engagement ring. “Of course. He tells me everything.”

Well, not everything, or this conversation would have gone down a lot differently. Though I should be touched by her sentiment, I feel sideswiped that Logan said something. That is my private business.

“I wanted to punch his lights out for hitting you.”

The air feels yanked from my lungs. “He didn’t hit me.”

“Oh,” She gives me a patronizing smile, like some kind of secret confirmation that she knows I’m lying. “Good thing he’s out of your life.” Her smile grows.

My heart pounds. I can’t tell if this conversation is a passive-aggressive warning, or if she’s just being sincere. Even still, I feel bad for my jealousy when all she’s been is nice while I covet her boyfriend. Was this how Allie felt when she tried to be my friend, but was falling for my boyfriend?

I gesture to Kat’s ring. “Congrats. You two make a great couple.”

“Oh, thanks.” She holds out her hand. “Though we’ve talked about getting married this whole time, he totally surprised me with his grandmother’s ring. We’re young, I know, but when you know, you know, right?”

“Yeah.” I swallow hard and slide the service window open for some fresh air. Anything to stop the salt she’s rubbing in my aching heart.

Logan saunters around the far end of the pool in his pirate vest and swim trunks, taking the long way as if to purposely avoid any close contact with me, frustrating me even further. He can deny his feelings all he wants, but we both know there’s something between us, and Kat can’t be his perfect soul mate.

Confessing to her that we almost kissed burns on my tongue, but I don’t dare say anything for fear it’ll backfire. I want Logan to choose me of his own accord, not from any manipulation on my part. But that will never happen—ever—and I have to come to grips with reality before I accidentally start a counterattack, or go insane.

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