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Are you ready for the thrilling finale of Maddy and Logan's story?

Maddy’s dreams of becoming a counselor have finally come true. She’d be happy to celebrate, if she wasn’t haunted by nightmares of the attack. Her encounter with Logan left her breathless and unsure, but with Kat out of the picture, Maddy has one week to find out if what they shared was real, or just a poor reaction to a life threatening situation.

Tensions run high while police look for Maddy’s attacker, and Maddy begins to believe she can’t keep it together. But once everything she holds dear is threatened, Maddy must sacrifice her secrets in order to reveal the truth. Will it be in time? Will that be good enough?

Find out in the EXPLOSIVE series finale of TRULY MADLY DEEPLY!

Secrets. Lies. A summer they'll never forget.

Excerpt #2 (See excerpt #1 here)

We head to the cabin when the last of Syd’s girls check in. They unload their stuff and take the top bunks, while I’m happy to sleep on the bottom. I’m supposed to do an icebreaker exercise, but since the girls already know each other, we skip it, and head to the craft room to make beaded lanyards for their keys.

“So,” Kara asks me as she collects only pink beads. “What happened when you were attacked?”

I suck in a startled breath. The tube of clear beads I’m holding skitters across the table, spilling everywhere. 
I hadn’t looked at the paper to know what I’m supposed to say.

Syd stiffens. “Oh, the news loves to exaggerate. Doesn’t it, Maddy? The guy didn’t really do anything and Maddy got away.” Syd helps me clean up. “He’d be stupid to come around now with the security guards. Right?”

“But the article said you were the snack shack coordinator,” Kara says.

“Yeah,” I say quickly. “But I’m a counselor, too.”

“We all have dual jobs,” Syd interrupts.

I force a smile. “Like Syd said, nothing happened. It wasn’t even on the grounds. We’re perfectly safe.”

Syd hands me the empty tube. “We just need to stick together, that’s all.”

The girls let out a collective sigh, all but Holly.

“It’s just spooky,” says Holly. “You know?”

Bridge leans in. “It’s like all the camp horror movies where there’s a knife wielding serial killer—”

My eyes widen.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Syd says. “Look. There are bad people in the world, yes, but they’re going to find this guy, you’ll see. Don’t let it ruin your week.”

The girls nod and the subject changes, but I can’t help but think we’re making promises we can’t keep. I’m totally in over my head.

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