Wednesday, July 1, 2015



The arguing outside wakes me and I take a moment to figure things out before my eyes slowly open. Somehow I’d ended up on the couch in my cabin and fell asleep sitting upright. I run my tongue over my teeth. My mouth tastes like something crawled inside and died. I try not to think about it and strain harder to listen.

“I can’t believe you stayed here the whole night.”

My heart thumps hard at the sound of Kat’s angered voice outside.

“I couldn’t leave her alone. She needed me,” Logan says.

“I need you!”

“You weren’t the one who was attacked.”

“Oh, so I have to be attacked to get some attention?” she huffs.

“Kat, this isn’t fair.”

I lean over to get closer to the door. My head spins and I shift upright. I need Advil, a tall glass of water, and coffee, stat.

“What isn’t fair is how you look at her,” she says.

My empty stomach jolts. Apparently I’m not the only one who’s noticed that.

“This isn’t about that. And you know we’re just friends.”

Friends… who kiss. Oh, crap.

Everything comes back to me in a hot rush, and I reach for my phone in my pocket. My hand skims over the top of my thigh. My jeans aren’t on my body. Instead, they’re crumpled up in a ball on the floor. The shirt I’m wearing isn’t the one I had on yesterday, either. My cheeks heat. What happened last night?

The clock above the mantel reads that it’s half past noon. I blow out a breath and lean against the couch back. The kids will be gone by now, so I need to clean up and take a shower. There’s a lot to do before my campers come Sunday afternoon. My upset stomach, though, doesn’t want me to go anywhere.
Kat and Logan continue their terse conversation, but it sounds further away. I strain harder to hear, making my head pound. Then it’s quiet. Did they leave?

I struggle to stand and escape to the bathroom. The world sways and the blanket falls to my feet. I stave off the urge to heave, and slowly sit back down and cover myself. Did Logan take off my clothes? Did I?
The fog-induced nightmare slowly reveals itself. After the adrenaline had evaporated, the alcohol kicked in, and I was a hot mess. Then there was puking and crying and… oh good Lord, a memory of him taking my cheeks between his palms and asking me why I’d put myself in danger zings through me. I blurted out something about seeing him kissing Kat, or maybe I said the cheater had her tongue down his throat. Whatever I said, I can’t remember. My freaking mouth just needs to be sewn shut.

Someone steps onto the porch and approaches the door. My heart zooms in response. My eyes slide shut just as the door opens softly, carrying Logan’s scent on the breeze. He sighs softly before shutting it, and I melt into the cushions, mortified. He’s watching me and I know he has to be disgusted. I hear him move about the room, then stop before me. I don’t dare open my eyes so I  try to relax, but my heart pounds so hard I’m shaking.

“What am I going to do with you?” he says quietly before he leaves.

Once he’s gone, I let out the breath I’m holding.

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