Friday, August 14, 2015


SWITCH, Book 2 is now LIVE!

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Genre: Time travel Dystopian

What if everything you knew was a lie?

Forty-five years ago, the government unleashed a deadly virus. Those who were wealthy and wanted were given a vaccine. The rest died. Everyone was told the virus created zombies. It was all a hoax. 

Twenty-two years ago, a small group of blue-eyed people saw the government for what it was and escaped Brighton to save their lives. 

Eighteen years ago, my future-self switched me at birth. A month ago, my future-self had my future-husband kidnap me. 

Two weeks ago, I time traveled for the first time. 

A week ago, I accidentally brought back the zombie virus. 

Yesterday, my future-husband was infected. 

Today, if I don’t find the cure, I’ll lose him and all hope for humanity forever. 

 ** INCLUDES previously published episodes 1&2 plus NEW and REVISED content! 

*** WARNING: Very fast paced action-filled story with a complicated plot. Don't purchase if you value sleep in any way, or your sanity. You've been warned.

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