Saturday, August 29, 2015

Winner's for the #Dynamis newsletter hop!


"The love of books is a love which requires neither justification, apology, nor defense." - J.A. Langford

Did you figure out the secret message? The deadline to enter the quote for the amazing Dynamis Scavenger Hunt was on 8/28/15. All names have now been entered and drawn (each of these names has been emailed—so check your boxes!)

50$ Amazon GC
Melissa Jones

25$ Amazon GC
Avery Mills

Ebook Prizes:

TG Ayer -
Dead Radiance (Valkyrie #1) paranormal mythology
Fire & Shadow (Kali #1) paranormal mythology
Winner: Azadeh Nafissi

Skin Deep (SkinWalker #1) urban fantasy shifters/magic
Retribution (Irin #1) urban fantasy angels/demons
Winner: Kim Brown

Felicia Tatum – Bundle White Aura Series
Winner: Ashfa Anwer

Magen Veron- Forever Wild, complete serial
Winner: Jackie O’Donnell

Lila Felix – Dethroning Crown
Winner: Lynn Rettig

RaShelle Workman – Across the Ages
Winner: Karen Chappell

Delphina Myres- Unless you can be a Unicorn
Winner: Sue

Jamie Magee – Impulsion
Winner: Linda

Jamie Magee- Edge full Season
Winner: Sara Miller

Signed books:

Melissa Pearl – Fever
Winner: Jennifer Ellis

Amy Evans – Clicks
Winner: Kali Ann Forbach

Julia Crane – Freak of Nature
Winner: Betul Erikci

Sydney Aaliyah Michelle – Hope for Her
Winner: Kayla Camden

Morgan Wylie – Silent Orchids
Winner: Dianna Slowey-Thomas

RaShelle Workman – Across the Ages + Swag
Winner: Stacy C Brown

Stacy Marie Brown – Darkness of Light + City of Embers
Winner: Elisa Difino

Brenda Pandos – Truly Madly Deeply
Winner: Reyna

Jamie Magee – Insight
Winner: S. Blake

Winner: Verna Loves book

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